Relaunch and Things to Expect

Posted: September 1, 2016 in Site Info

Hello everybody!

After nearly two years of being absent I decided over the summer to relaunch my website. I was still doing stats and posting stats on Reddit ( twitter (@jburks3) but I decided it was time to release my information in a more professional way. I plan on running the site similarly to the original product. At launch I have four main components that I will be focusing on.

  1. NFL– I am planning to post weekly power rankings on Tuesdays (with exception of week 1) and weekly game probabilities/projections on Thursday mornings. I will also be providing projected end-of-season standings, including playoff probabilities and Super Bowl odds, updated at the end of each day in which games take place. Preseason Projections will also be posted in the few weeks leading up to the season.
  2. College Basketball– Preseason projections will be up about two weeks before the season begins. I will be providing a weekly posting about the top 25 teams in college basketball on Mondays. I will also publish a weekly ranking of the top 15 mid-major programs in college basketball. Additionally, I will have a page with a weekly updated ranking of all 351 teams that includes projected end-of-season records. During March I will offer conference tournament odds for all major conferences and some of the high-major conferences, NCAA Tournament odds, and team profiles for each conference champion. I am working on including final four and national championship odds in the end-of-season projections, but no promises.
  3. Do You Have A Shot (DYHAS)– The least statistical aspect of my website has to do with college football. For those who know me personally, I have some major issues with college football and its national championship system. While a four-team playoff is most certainly a step in the right direction it is not enough as the system makes it nearly impossible for any non Power-Five team to win/or even take part in the playoff regardless of regular season success. I am an advocate for removal of bowl games and a 16 team playoff with 10 auto bids for each conference. DYHAS is a simple yes or no look at each teams playoff chances. Once the field is down to about 25 teams I will begin ranking the teams that the committee is most likely to select for the playoff.
  4. Ask the Truth– I am working full-time now so it may take longer to get along to personal studies and requests but I will try my best to complete studies requested by the fans in a timely manner.

This is pretty much all I am planning on for the time being. I may consider expanding into the NBA for the 2017-2018 season but that decision will be made at a later date.

I am very excited to bring back The Statistical Truth and hope that you are also excited. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback you can email me at


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