Week 12 College Football Playoff Preview

Posted: November 16, 2016 in NCAAF

There are 7 teams remaining in contention for the College Football Playoff.

The committee obviously disagrees with my satire, which makes this more of a joke than it already is. But anyways here we go.

True Elimination Games (0)

True elimination games are where the winner survives another week and the loser is eliminated from contention. I will provide the days and times for these games.


Elimination Games (6)

Elimination games are when one team in the game would be eliminated with a loss. That team will be denoted with an asterisk. The other team has either already been eliminated, or can lose the game without being eliminated.

#2 Louisville* @ Houston

Arizona St. @ #3 Washington*

#4 Ohio State* @ Michigan State

Indiana @ #5 Michigan*

Oklahoma @ #6 West Virginia*

#7 Clemson* @ Wake Forest

The maximum number of teams that could remain in contention for the college football playoff after this week is 7 teams. The minimum number of teams is 1-which kind of sucks but don’t worry, my system will prevail.

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