Week 13 College Football Playoff Preview

Posted: November 23, 2016 in NCAAF

There are 5 teams remaining in contention for the College Football Playoff.

The committee obviously disagrees with my satire, which makes this more of a joke than it already is. But anyways here we go. – update – committee doesn’t necessarily disagree, just has been forced into a situation they haven’t seen before.

Games this week

#4 Michigan @ #3 Ohio State

The winner is eliminated, loser can look forward to meaningless bowl game

Auburn @ #1 Alabama

Iron Bowl – Alabama clinches playoff trip with a win.

#2 Washington @ Washington State

Apple Cup – Trip to Pac-12 championship is on the line. Washington is Pac-12’s only chance at a playoff, they lose it throws a wrench into my satire, but I don’t think they lose this one.

South Carolina @ #5 Clemson

Clemson should win this one and move into top four.

The maximum number of teams that could remain in contention for the college football playoff after this week is 4 teams. The minimum number of teams is 1-which kind of sucks but don’t worry, my system will prevail.
Now time for my rant about College Football and its current playoff system. College Football has the only playoff system in the entire world (that I know of) that doesn’t give every team a fair chance at the playoff. And you can argue all you want but it isn’t fair. Western Michigan is 11-0 and has won games by an average of 26 points and their closest game is a 1-point victory in Northwestern. Outside of that game they haven’t no team has been within 10 points of them. Regardless of schedule that is impressive. Do I think they could beat Alabama? Probably not. But the fact is we are never going to now because the current playoff system does not allow that question to be answered. This is why I am an advocate for a 16-team playoff with 10 autobids for all power 5 and group of 5 conference champions and then 6 additional at large bids. Could a game like Alabama vs. Troy get out of hand? Absolutely, but every team deserves an equal chance at a national championship. Plus bowl games are stupid and meaningless and we can get rid of them. Give the Top 8 seeds home field in the playoff if you want to reward regular season. Make this more interesting than it already is. When the committee finalizes their rankings and we have a four-team playoff I will publish the bracket of what a 16-team playoff would look like and you can decide which you would rather watch.

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