Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Posted: September 18, 2017 in NFL

The first [un]official ranking of the NFL season comes as a partially incomplete ranking. Due to Hurricane Irma and the week one “bye” between for the Dolphins and the Buccaneers, four teams are unable to have an updated ranking: Dolphins, Buccaneers, Bears and Chargers. I included their preseason ranking in order to show them in the current order of rankings. At the conclusion of next week I will have the first official full rankings of all NFL teams. For now here you go. Additionally, projected records and playoff odds were excluded from this weeks rankings due to the lack of data available for the aforementioned teams.

Rank Team Name POWER
1 Atlanta Falcons 76.7%
2 Pittsburgh Steelers 73.9%
3 Denver Broncos 69.4%
4 Baltimore Ravens 69.3%
5 Carolina Panthers 65.2%
6 New England Patriots 64.4%
7 Kansas City Chiefs 62.7%
8 Detroit Lions 61.5%
9 Oakland Raiders 60.6%
10 Seattle Seahawks 58.3%
11 Green Bay Packers 58.0%
12 Dallas Cowboys 56.5%
13 Philadelphia Eagles 53.4%
14 Arizona Cardinals 53.1%
15 Minnesota Vikings 51.5%
16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50.9%
17 Houston Texans 49.8%
18 Buffalo Bills 49.4%
19 Jacksonville Jaguars 48.7%
20 Los Angeles Chargers 48.1%
21 Los Angeles Rams 47.6%
22 Cincinnati Bengals 46.1%
23 Tennessee Titans 45.3%
24 Chicago Bears 44.2%
25 Miami Dolphins 44.0%
26 New Orleans Saints 43.5%
27 Washington Redskins 40.1%
28 Indianapolis Colts 40.1%
29 New York Giants 38.7%
30 San Francisco 49ers 34.5%
31 New York Jets 26.2%
32 Cleveland Browns 18.8%



  • Panthers at five comes as a bit of surprise to me but they had a decent enough preseason ranking and have performed well in the first two games to move up into the top five.
  • Cardinals at fourteen is very surprising based on how they have looked so far this season. My guess is that they will fall off sharply over the next few weeks if their performance continues.
  • Ravens are ranked four at the moment but have played a very easy schedule. They have been dominate winning by a combined 34 points over two games (44-10).
  • One team from the lowest ten teams to make the playoffs: Dolphins
  • One team from the top ten teams to miss the playoffs: Lions

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